The MAXIMIZE Moment w/Dr. Lisa Weah

Well it's official – oscar award winning singer and actress Jennifer Hudson will portray the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, in a biopic about the 17 time Grammy winner, that is scheduled for release in 2020.


What some may not remember about this gifted starring actress, though, is that she hit the radar by competing in an American Idol season – that she didn't even win. But her trajectory is a reminder to us, beloved, that God sometimes withhold a good thing – so that He can give us a great thing!


So be faithful over a few things today beloved, that you might positioned to become ruler over many! For this is your strong charge today, and this is your MAXIMIZE Moment.


Getcha Life w/Dr. Lisa Weah



You just be 


Cause you see

It may not look like much

Feel like much

Seem like much

But small things 

Become big things

And big things 

Become bigger things

When you care for the small things

As you would the big and bigger

No waste

Just straight stewardship

Helps you get 


Rock Steady


Prove your abl-ility

To be trusted – wit more

And more

And more

And more

Before Bigger comes big

Before big comes small…things

So get those right

And then you go

And Getcha Life! 


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